BlinkDagger – the end?

In his latest post on BlinkDagger, Quan Quach announced that the BlinkDagger blog will be frozen following co-author Daniel Sutoyo’s hiring by The MathWorks and the continuous strain of maintaining the blog single-handedly.

This is sad news indeed for the Matlab user community. Over the past few years, BlinkDagger has become the largest independent Matlab-related blog (at least that I know of), with some 150 well-written tutorials on a very wide variety of Matlab-related topics. In fact, I believe that only the official Matlab blogs and the Matlab CSSM forum contain more Matlab content. Although there are reportedly over a million Matlab users worldwide, there is precious little independent online Matlab content. Perhaps the need is answered by CSSM and the official blogs, and perhaps the reason is other. In any case, BlinkDagger’s retirement will be well-felt.

As a novice (4-month) blogger I can well appreciate the effort it took Quan and Daniel to write so much well-crafted content, follow-up on numerous comments and continuously think of interesting article ideas. The fact they have succeeded in doing so consistently for so long, without noticeable quality degradation, is remarkable. So, while regretting their action, I can certainly understand it. I truly wish both Quan and Daniel the best of luck in their new adventures, and send them an enormous hug of gratitude for their services to the Matlab community.

Don’t be lazy – be a sport – visit the BlinkDagger link and tell Quan and Daniel that you too appreciate their efforts. Let them leave the stage with a standing ovation rather than a whimper. They deserve it.

Yair Altman

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2 Responses to BlinkDagger – the end?

  1. Enno says:

    Heya, I’m loooking for the blinkdagger matlab GUI Tutorial – Disable Mouse clicking. From my google searches it seems what Quan and Daniel wrote back then is what I need, but I cannot find a reference to this tutorial, apart from, which is not accessible anymore. Any idea, where I can find it, or maybe the m-files for it?
    Many thanks!!

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