IB-Matlab partners

wfatoolbox.com The Walk-Forward Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB is an easy-to-use GUI for algorithmic trading development. Using WFAToolbox, you can combine trading strategies and use all of the automated trading development steps used by professionals to get stable profitable results not just on paper, but in real-world financial market trading. Use backtesting, forward testing, walk-forward testing and analyze the results in a holistic way for your portfolio of trading strategies, all through an easy-to-use Matlab GUI, with detailed visualization and comprehensive analysis.

meinTrade.com meinTrade.com is an online trading platform of A&O Management GmbH, a Wealth Manager and Introducing Broker, with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. Clients are given a wide variety of products to trade, such as shares, options, futures, CFDs and FOREX. Users have access to free order- and help desk, as well as technical support in both English and German languages.

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