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Undocumented mouse pointer functions

Matlab contains several well-documented functions and properties for the mouse pointer. However, some very-useful functions have remained undocumented and unsupported. This post details their usage.

Categories: Figure window, GUI, Low risk of breaking in future versions, Semi-documented function, Stock Matlab function
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Detecting window focus events

Matlab does not have any documented method to detect window focus events (gain/loss). This article describes an undocumented way to detect such events.

Categories: Figure window, GUI, Hidden property, Java, Medium risk of breaking in future versions
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R2009b keyboard bindings

The new Matlab release R2009b includes the ability to customize keyboard bindings for the editor and Command Window. However, there are still some uses for the EditorMacro utility and its variants.

Categories: Desktop, High risk of breaking in future versions, Java
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Figure toolbar customizations

Matlab’s toolbars can be customized using a combination of undocumented Matlab and Java hacks. This article describes how to customize the Matlab figure toolbar.

Categories: Figure window, GUI, Java, Medium risk of breaking in future versions
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