15 Professional services

In addition to IQML being offered as an off-the-shelf software program, advanced Matlab consulting, training, and program development are being offered. With close to 30 years of professional Matlab programming experience, including extensive finance/trading-related development in the past decade, we offer top-of-class Matlab consulting, with a particular emphasis on the financial sector.

We have many years of experience integrating quality production-grade Matlab programs with online brokers (Interactive Brokers (IB), CQG, CFH FIX), data-feed providers (DTN IQFeed, Bloomberg, Reuters, Trading Physics, End-of-Day Historical Data), websites (Finviz, Nasdaq), databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite), as well as Excel and raw-format data files. Programs were developed using multiple Matlab releases, on all platforms that Matlab supports: Windows, MacOS and Linux.

We have completed countless life-cycles of software requirements definition, design, development, documentation, integration, testing, deployment, handover, maintenance and support.

Much of our work derives from the financial sector: We developed custom software for a commodities fund in a Geneva bank; a backtesting and analysis program for a large bank in Chicago; a currencies trading program for a hedge-fund in Malta; data-analysis products for financial services firms in New-York; a portfolio risk/exposure analysis program for an Israeli investment advisor; a charting GUI for a San-Francisco hedge fund; and semi- and fully-automated algo-trading programs for multiple clients around the globe.

Development is typically done remotely; onsite consulting/development is also possible upon request, or a combination of remote work and onsite visits.

You can see a small sample of programs that we have developed below. Additional samples can be seen on our consulting webpage.176

Anything developed under private consulting will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to others. You will retain full IP ownership of anything developed for you.

Most of our revenue comes from returning or long-time clients. We will be happy to provide references of satisfied clients in US or Europe. With such an impressive track record, you probably already know some of them.

Contact us by email (info@IQML.net or info@UndocumentedMatlab.com) to discuss your needs or to receive a proposal.

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Analysis - Analysis

Analysis - Report

15.2 About the author

???With close to 30 years of professional software programming experience, Yair Altman offers top-notch Matlab consulting and training services.

Yair has worked extensively with Matlab and many other programming languages (Java, C#, C, C++ and others). He has developed many programs with SQL and a variety of databases, operating systems and hardware platforms.

Matlab community developers, and even MathWorks themselves, consider Yair a top Matlab expert, as any simple online search will show. His UndocumentedMatlab.com website is by far the largest and most active independent Matlab site. Yair is also well-known from numerous submissions on the Matlab forums and File Exchange; a MathWorks study determined177 that Yair is the third most influential submitter in the entire Matlab community. He regularly advises MathWorks, and is a member of both its Community Advisory Board (CAB) and MATLAB Advisory Board (MAB).

Yair has a specific experience in the finance sector, developing quality professional Matlab programs that integrate with trading platforms (IB, CQG, CFH FIX); data-feed providers (DTN IQFeed, Bloomberg, Reuters, Trading Physics); websites (Finviz, Nasdaq); databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite), as well as Excel and raw-format data files. These programs were developed on multiple Matlab releases and all Matlab-supported platforms: Windows, MacOS and Linux.

K21680-cover-3D-320x454b???Yair published two extensive and highly-acclaimed Matlab textbooks: MATLAB-Java programming178 (2011) and Accelerating MATLAB Performance179 (2014). Both books are considered the top references in their field.

Yair provides professional, cost effective consulting and contract development.180 He can do stuff that few other Matlab programmers know is even possible, delivering great value: top quality code at reasonable cost.

Yair also offers custom Matlab training courses,181 in a variety of topics and levels.

By combining a proven track-record of quality software programming, decades of professional experience, and Matlab knowledge that few others possess, Yair provides clients with superior value and cost-effectiveness.

176 http://undocumentedmatlab.com/consulting

177 http://blogs.mathworks.com/community/2013/01/15/giving-by-taking-file-exchange-acknowledgment-trees

178 http://undocumentedmatlab.com/books/matlab-java

179 http://undocumentedmatlab.com/books/matlab-performance, now in 2nd edition

180 http://undocumentedmatlab.com/consulting

181 http://undocumentedmatlab.com/training