Advanced Matlab seminars – London, 10-14 March 2014

Advanced Matlab training courses/seminars will be held in London, March 10-14, 2014. Two separate courses will be held:

  • Advanced Matlab Programming – 2 days (March 10-11), including best practices, preparing professional reports, writing professional code and performance tuning. US$1199
  • Advanced Matlab Visualization & GUI – 3 days (March 12-14), including advanced visualization and GUI techniques. US$1799
  • Enroll to both courses for a discounted price of US$2699

This is a unique opportunity to enhance your Matlab skills in a few days, at an affordable cost, by an established expert. This training is not provided anywhere else. If you have a specific topic that you would like me to discuss, then I would be happy to do it. In other words, I can customize the training to your specific needs, within the provided framework. More details on my training can be found here.

If you are interested in the London courses or a private dedicated course, please Email me (altmany at gmail dot com) for details.

The course curriculum is presented below (subject to change by participants’ request):

Advanced Matlab Programming course/seminar – 2 days (March 10-11, 2014)

  1. Matlab programming best practices (4 hours, additional details):
    • Effective use of Matlab tools, including the plot editor, data statistics tool, curve fitting tool, debugger and profiler
    • Using external (online) resources
    • Coding conventions, guidelines and best practices
    • Writing robust and maintainable code

    Advanced Matlab training, London 10-14 March 2014

  2. Writing professional Matlab code (4 hours):
    • Using function handles
    • Using timers and asynchronous programming
    • Accessing Internet webpages and data
    • Advanced Matlab I/O
    • Object-Oriented Matlab


  3. Creating professional reports with Matlab (4 hours, additional details):
    • Formatting textual output
    • Using Matlab’s Publish tool
    • Automating MS-Office reports: Excel (XLS), PowerPoint (PPT) & Word (DOC)
    • Preparing PDF reports
    • Updating server-side HTML pages


  4. Improving execution speed (4 hours, additional details):
    • Profiling Matlab’s run-time performance
    • Performance-tuning tradeoffs and pitfalls
    • Perceived vs. actual performance
    • Latency vs. throughput
    • Using standard programming techniques: loop optimizations, caching, database, etc.
    • Matlab-specific techniques: vectorization, built-in functions, optimization, etc.
    • Parallelization techniques
    • Compiled code: MEX, Coder, FPGA, deployed etc.
    • Memory-related techniques: profiling, pre-allocation, copy-on-write, in-place data manipulation, etc.
    • Graphics & GUI techniques
    • I/O techniques

Advanced Matlab Visualization & GUI course/seminar – 3 days (March 12-14, 2014)

  1. Visualizing data in Matlab (4 hours, additional details):
    • Comparison of various visualization alternatives
    • Comparison of 2D, 2.5D and 3D graphs
    • Customizing Matlab graphs
    • Colorbars, colormaps and legends
    • Plot annotations and data tips
    • Using NaN as a plotting technique
    • Using Matlab’s plot editor
    • Exporting figures and plots


  2. Advanced visualization techniques (4 hours, additional details):
    • Matlab’s Handle Graphics (HG) paradigm and object hierarchy
    • Using the object inspector tool
    • Interactive vs. programmatic control and customization
    • Customizing plot axes appearance, size and properties in m-code
    • Manipulating graphic handles
    • Extracting data from plots
    • Improving plotting performance; updating plots in real-time
    • Creating and displaying images and movies
    • Using undocumented properties for improved appearance/behavior
    • Matlab’s upcoming HG2 (Handle Graphics version 2)


  3. Introduction to Matlab GUI (4 hours, additional details):
    • Using the GUIDE tool and its internal utilities
    • Available built-in GUI controls
    • Preparing and customizing figure toolbars and menu items
    • Customizing GUI controls properties, layout, appearance and behavior
    • Using control callbacks and event handling
    • Matlab GUI’s containers hierarchy

    Advanced Matlab training, London 10-14 March 2014

  4. Advanced Matlab GUI techniques (4 hours, additional details):
    • Programmatic vs. interactive (GUIDE) GUI preparation
    • Using uitable
    • Using advanced controls: tabs, trees, tables/grids, split-buttons
    • Preparing and using context-menus
    • Using HTML for label formatting
    • Sharing information between GUI components
    • Integrating ActiveX components
    • Advanced layout: uiextras toolbox
    • Performance: improving GUI responsiveness, avoiding common pitfalls


  5. Using Java with Matlab GUI (4 hours, additional details):
    • Matlab’s special relationship with Java
    • Integrating and customizing Java controls in Matlab GUI
    • Compatibility aspects and trade-offs
    • Java’s Event Dispatch Thread (EDT) and its effects on GUI
    • Best practices and safe programming with Matlab-Java
    • Matlab vs. Java position and layout
    • Using Java’s numerous callback events
    • Using built-in Matlab controls/widgets


  6. Advanced Matlab-Java GUI programming (4 hours, additional details):
    • JavaFrame customizations: maximize/minimize, set min/max sizes, etc.
    • Advanced customizations of the figure toolbar and menubar
    • Customizing existing Matlab uicontrols at their underlying Java level
    • Using built-in vs. 3rd party Java controls
    • Dynamic vs. static Java classpath
    • Example integrating 3rd party controls: JFreeChart
    • Using JIDE grid controls: tree, treetable, table and various combinations
    • Using JIDE combo-boxes and selection panels
    • Handling Java events as Matlab callbacks


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