Appendix A – online resources

A.1 Official DTN IQFeed resources

IQFeed homepage –

IQFeed API homepage –

IQFeed symbol guide –

IQFeed symbol lookup –

IQFeed users forum –

IQFeed live chat –

API customer service and technical support – or
(please let them know that you are using IQML)

A.2 MathWorks webinars/presentation

MathWorks algorithmic-trading portal –,
(includes Yair’s webinar “Real-Time Trading System in MATLAB”)

Algorithmic Trading Strategies with MATLAB Examples –

Energy Trading & Risk Management with MATLAB –

Cointegration and Pairs Trading with the Econometrics Toolbox –

Commodities Trading with MATLAB –

Creating professional-quality applications with MATLAB –
(Yair’s keynote presentation in the 2016 Munich MATLAB Expo using IQFeed)

A.3 Additional open-source Matlab resources

Spatial Econometrics Toolbox for Matlab –

Algorithmic trading code in the Matlab File Exchange –