Yair Altman

Yair Altman

If you have reached this page, you are probably aware by now of my reputation in the Matlab community.

With 30 years of professional software development experience in a variety of roles from programmer to top-management, I lead a Matlab-focused consultancy since 2009.

I would be happy to assist your project, by advising on development alternatives and suggested improvements, coaching your team on advanced Matlab topics and best practices, solving a particular problem, designing and/or developing scalable, robust high-performance modules, or even creating entire programs.

As a Physicist and Computer Scientist by education and a software engineer by profession, I’ve already been there and done that plenty of times, and you can benefit from my experience. I have delivered actual working software, completing numerous cycles of the software life-cycle: definition, design, development, integration, testing, deployment, QA, training, and maintenance. I can help your project in any or all stages of its development, from concept definition, through design, development and all the way to maintenance and bug fixing.

I get things done: I deliver on time, on budget, with extremely high quality and attention to detail and with excellent communication. As evidenced by my popular and highly-rated utilities on the Matlab File Exchange, the code I create is very well-documented, fault-tolerant, scalable, backward-compatible (with other platforms and/or releases) and highly performant.

Mathworks partner

My Matlab specialties include complex algorithms, performance tuning, I/O, GUI, and integration with external software and devices. But even if you have other programming needs, I can probably answer your needs.

I am an expert Matlab programmer, with plenty of experience in Java, C, C++, Fortran and perhaps a dozen other programming languages. I’ve programmed on a dozen Windows and Unix systems, as well as some real-time and embedded systems. I have worked with Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer and several other databases.

I am recognized as a world-class Matlab expert by the Matlab community and by MathWorks itself. I am a long-time consultant/advisor to MathWorks, on a wide variety of topics. Since 2016 I am a member of the MathWorks Community Advisory Board (CAB). I was invited by MathWorks to speak at several Matlab conferences around the world – a video recording of my keynote presentation at the Matlab Expo 2016 in Munich, Germany can be seen on the right. In 2022 MathWorks published a profile interview with me.

Matlab Expo 2016 keynote presentation
Matlab Expo 2016 keynote presentation

I have provided professional Matlab training courses to multiple organizations, and delivered working programs to many dozens of organizations.

Knowing the ins-and-outs of Matlab, I can often deliver a working solution in a fraction of time that it would take a non-expert programmer.

My applications were developed for a multitude of fields, ranging from finance, medical, engineering, aerospace, web-applications, real-time systems, and data-analysis.

Most of my revenues come from repeat clients – this attests more than anything else to their level of satisfaction.

With my experience, I can provide extremely reliable and professional software, very quickly, for a very competitive cost. My products are top quality, and developed extremely fast. I can provide better cost-effectiveness than many full-time Matlab programmers. In fact, I can do stuff that few other Matlab programmers in the world know is even possible (keep reading this blog and you might be one of those few…).

I have done the following for other clients, and would be happy to do similar stuff for you:

  • Create a custom GUI component, an analysis function, or an entire Matlab program
  • Fix functional bugs, performance bottlenecks and compatibility issues in your existing program
  • Improve the appearance, functionality, robustness and performance of your existing program
  • Connect your program to a variety of external software, hardware and data services
  • Analyze your code for correctness, robustness and potential problems
  • Consult on Matlab issues such as version compatibility, GUI roadmap, maintainability and performance
  • Produce expert advise on development alternatives and roadmap
  • Research potential alternatives for difficult programming tasks
  • Generate custom reports on advanced Matlab programming topics
  • Provide expert testimonials acceptable by courts of law
  • Train you and your team in advanced programming techniques and best practices
With a happy client
With a happy client

I am quite flexible in the consulting mechanism:

  • I can work remotely, or at your location, or in combination
  • I can work on retainer basis, or T&M (hourly/daily fee), or a fixed-price proposal, or in combination
  • I can deliver everything at once, or divide the work into milestone steps

– You are in the lead, and you can decide based on your specific needs.

I hold a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Computer Science, both of them Summa Cum Laude and top of class.

I’m a nice guy altogether.

A consulting profile of my services is provided here.

Convinced? Or need more convincing? Email me (altmany at gmail dot com), or fill out the form below to request more information about your specific needs.

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