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Yair Altman

Yair Altman

My Matlab training courses will help you achieve a much higher level of proficiency and efficiency using Matlab. Both online webinars and in-person onsite training courses are offered. You will quickly learn how to produce higher quality, better looking, faster working, and more robust applications. Your effectiveness in writing Matlab programs will improve, saving you development time while improving the quality. And all this at the comfort and convenience of your office or home, at an affordable cost.

Online Matlab webinars

All webinars are highly technical, concise and to the point, making very effective use of your time. They are based on onsite training courses that I presented at multiple client locations (see below). Both the webinar videos and their corresponding slide-decks are available for download.

 Email me if you would like additional information or a group discount.

Onsite Matlab training

I would be happy to work with you to customize an onsite Matlab training course, at the convenience of your location. This bespoke Matlab training course will be customized based on your specific needs, in terms of both the training level (introductory to advanced), the topics, and the duration.

Note: in 21-23 August 2012, I will present advanced Matlab training courses in Geneva, Switzerland. The planned topics are:

Anyone interested please Email me (altmany at gmail dot com) for more details.

request a training proposal Some of the structured training courses that are offered include:

In your bespoke Matlab training course, any of the above topics (and other topics) can be combined, giving you the best value for your training investment. Topics can be removed or added, reduced or expanded, based on your specific needs. Some of the possible topics include:

Customizable Matlab training at the convenience of your office

Customizable Matlab training at the convenience of your office

  • customizing Matlab graphics
  • creating Matlab scripts, functions and programs
  • controlling program flow
  • using Matlab’s built-in functions
  • understanding and using Matlab’s various data types
  • validating, manipulating and analyzing data
  • maximizing processing performance (speed)
  • using the Matlab Desktop tools
  • analyzing, debugging and profiling Matlab code
  • reading data from files/internet in a variety of formats
  • saving data to files in a variety of formats
  • creating professional reports in HTML, LateX, or Microsoft office (DOC,XLS,PPT) formats
  • interfacing with Excel (read/write)
  • processing XML documents and data
  • displaying information in graphs (plots)
  • visualizing information in a variety of graphical and non-graphical manners
  • creating, storing and reusing graphs and user annotations
  • creating and using interactive Matlab GUI (Graphical User Interfaces)
  • applying good design principles to Matlab GUI
  • customizing Matlab figure windows
  • customizing data tables in Matlab GUI
  • robustness, error and sanity checking, compatibility
  • Matlab programming conventions and best practices
  • object oriented Matlab programming
  • using a database with Matlab
  • interfacing to external systems (hardware or software)
  • integrating ActiveX and Java controls in Matlab figure windows
  • improving branding in Matlab applications
  • protecting your intellectual property (IP)
  • deploying Matlab software professionally


  • Training in advanced Matlab topics, many of which cannot be found anywhere else
  • Onsite – at the convenience of your office meeting room
  • Online – at the convenience of your home or office desk
  • Presented by a world-renowned Matlab expert
  • Highly effective – immediate boost of your Matlab abilities
  • Excellent testimonial reviews
  • Affordable cost

      In addition, onsite training also provides the following benefits:

  • Customizable training, tailored to your specific needs
  • Hands-on guided workshop
  • Optional onsite consulting, to help you with your specific projects

Request a proposal or additional details

Professional real-life Matlab training at the convenience of your office

Please expect a response to your specified email within 2 business days. If you do not get a response email by then, please check your email’s spam folder, or send a direct email to altmany at

Why me?

Matlab Expo 2016 keynote presentation

Matlab Expo 2016 keynote presentation

During the past 20 years, I have trained thousands of students in computer programming and software development. My training courses are highly appreciated, as can be seen by the testimonial reviews below.

My training courses include advanced Matlab topics that are not available anywhere else. In other topics, I provide an unparalleled level of detail and insight. As one of my former clients testified below, “Yair’s training is very recommended and after it, you feel like a new world of Matlab techniques is revealed to you“.

In addition to the training classes, I would be happy to work onsite with your team, at your location, on your coding project(s), giving advise and helping with the development.

To complement my training services, I also offer consulting and software development on a contract basis, possibly also at your location.

I am a fellow engineer, like yourself. I’ve been there, done that, and have already been burned plenty of times. I have delivered actual working software, completing numerous cycles of the software life-cycle: definition, design, development, integration, deployment, QA, training, and maintenance. My training classes are not purely-academic in nature, but emphasize real-life software development tradeoffs and engineering considerations. You can now benefit from all this experience at the convenience of your meeting room.

As evidenced by my popular and highly-rated utilities on the Matlab File Exchange, the code I create is very well-documented, fault-tolerant, scalable, backward-compatible (with other platforms and/or releases) and performant. I will teach you how to write similarly useful and high-quality Matlab code.

I have provided professional Matlab courses to multiple organizations, some of which are listed below. I was also invited by MathWorks to speak at several Matlab conferences. A video recording of my keynote presentation at the Matlab Expo 2016 can be seen on the right.

Convinced? Or need more convincing? Email me (altmany at gmail dot com) or fill out this form for a detailed proposal based on your specific needs.


“I want to thank you again for the course here! It was very inspiring to me and I learned some really interesting things. To be honest, I wish I would have holidays now to try out a few things you mentioned. The people really liked it, regarding different aspects (Content, Trainer and Documentation)!”
   – Markus Daehler, ABB (Switzerland)
“Yair knows to share his enormous Matlab knowledge in a very efficient and flexible way. The training was structured very well and contained a good and detailed introduction in object oriented Matlab programming. At the same time it contained a huge amount of new ideas and new knowledge for experienced object oriented Matlab programmers. Additionally we got hundreds of ideas to improve the performance, robustness and GUI programming. After two days of training and few days of work we improved the GUI and the performance of parts of our software dramatically. And there are many ideas of improvement left. Yair is extremely fast in understanding our needs and additionally he is a very nice guy. His collaboration in specifying the software he will write for us and his training were a real pleasure for us. Thank you Yair.”
   – Marcel Rüland, Alstom Transport (Germany)
“Yair Altman is a real “Matlab Technologist”. He knows and understands Matlab from the ground up and especially specializes in advanced topics such as Java connectivity, GUI, Matlab performance and Object Oriented. Yair’s training is very recommended and after it, you feel like a new world of Matlab techniques is revealed to you.”
   – Lior Cohen, Applied Materials (Israel)
“Yair is a native Matlab speaker. He provided onsite training for us in best programming practices, advanced GUI design and run-time performance speed-up techniques. His extensive Matlab knowledge is second to none and he skillfully uses it to explain complex topics in a clear and accessible manner. His presentations and examples were tailored to our needs and were therefore very useful and effective. The training has significantly improved the Matlab coding skills of both our novice and experienced programmers. Yair is a long-time consultant (we used his consulting for several years), and provides real-life tips and examples from his work in his training. If your team uses Matlab and wishes to improve their professional skills, we highly recommend Yair’s training (and consulting).”
   – Yuval Cohen, Audio Pixels (Australia / Israel)
“Yair’s level of expertise on both MATLAB’s documented and undocumented features was apparent during his visit here. The Object Oriented Programming training was extremely helpful with bringing our team up to speed with object oriented programming in MATLAB, and the guided class project was especially useful.”
   – Chris Hoogeboom, E-Ink (USA)
“I enjoyed both the profound technical MATLAB knowledge of Yair as well as his personal teaching skills i.e. *.pptx slides plus (spontaneous) examples and small students tasks plus subtle humor. The lecture was quite inspiring for my research work as it showed me several new ways of solving problems. It would be great, if I could attend more lectures of Yair Altman in future time.”
   – Martin Detert, ETH Zürich / VAW (Switzerland)
“Yair delivered a tailored and to the point week of lectures in-house at FFI. We are a diverse research community with a lot of previous Matlab experience, but together with Yair we managed to create an advanced curriculum suited for many participants. Yair shows deep knowledge of Matlab, and gives great examples of the different issues at hand. The classroom project was particularly beneficial, and many of my colleagues now have improved their own projects. I can highly recommend Yair for any kind of Matlab training session.”
   – Kristian Svartveit, FFI Defence Research Establishment (Norway)
“The several days spent with Yair was a truly enlightening experience. His knowledge in all aspects of Matlab is quite outstanding and this fact is obvious from his teaching. He answered all questions with aplomb and could elaborate on each, to the point that the inner workings of Matlab became apparent. I can wholeheartedly recommend his services and look forward to the next course with him.”
   – Gavin Lancaster, Frauscher Sensortechnik (Austria)
“Being a long time reader of and knowing Yair’s experience in all things Matlab, I invited him to give an advanced Matlab training class to our system engineering team in Dresden. The training, which covered object-oriented programming and writing robust and maintainable code, was very well received by the team. I was impressed by the breadth and depth of Yair’s knowledge and I appreciated his willingness to customize the training specifically to our needs. If you need any kind of Matlab training, inviting Yair is a sure bet. I definitely look forward to inviting him again in the future.”
   – Mihail Petrov, Intel Dresden (Germany)
“Let me say thank you for the fantastic training that you gave over here! I was impressed by the vast knowledge you have about Matlab and its non-obvious features. This topic is a universe – and you put down a comprehensive map on how to navigate through it. The material compiled together in your presentation and in your book is just amazing. I am convinced that this will help increase our productivity.”
   – Joachim Wehinger, Intel Munich (Germany)
“Yair is the undisputed guru for anything to do with MATLAB’s undocumented features and Java integration. He has helped me many times with seemingly intractable MATLAB GUI issues. His thorough, exhaustively researched and well written blog is must reading for anyone who needs to go beyond the basics when designing powerful, full featured MATLAB user interfaces.”
   – Matthew Whitaker, Radiological Imaging Technology (USA)
“Yair is not only informative but entertaining. The instructor is very knowledgeable, speaks and handles questions well. His talk was very informative and opened up ideas for using Matlab for projects. In Yair’s seminar, he discussed a broad overview of Object Oriented Programming, Performance Coding, and GUI basics. The material presented will definitely be utilized for future projects involving Matlab. Highly recommend this course.”
   – Kristin Rose, SURVICE Engineering Company (USA)
“I worked with Yair both on development projects and tailored Matlab advanced training. On both occasions it has been a great pleasure and great experience. His knowledge of the inner workings of Matlab in general, and Matlab-Java interface is unbelievable. Matlab beginners as well as very experienced users will immensely benefit from his training. I feel very much enriched from this experience… wonderful!
In the complex project we carried out together, I was truly amazed by how quickly and precisely he grasped all the specifications… and how fast he delivered! I highly recommend his services.”
   – Cristiano Migliorini, Union Bancaire Privée (Switzerland)
Professional real-life Matlab training at the convenience of your office
Professional real-life Matlab training at the convenience of your office
Professional real-life Matlab training at the convenience of your office

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