“Yair knows to share his enormous Matlab knowledge in a very efficient and flexible way. The training was structured very well and contained a good and detailed introduction in object oriented Matlab programming. At the same time it contained a huge amount of new ideas and new knowledge for experienced object oriented Matlab programmers. Additionally we got hundreds of ideas to improve the performance, robustness and GUI programming. After two days of training and few days of work we improved the GUI and the performance of parts of our software dramatically. And there are many ideas of improvement left. Yair is extremely fast in understanding our needs and additionally he is a very nice guy. His collaboration in specifying the software he will write for us and his training were a real pleasure for us. Thank you Yair.”
   – Marcel Rüland, Alstom Transport (Germany)
“We brought Yair in for development on our project, and we’re very glad we did. Yair was easy to work with and grasped the work quickly. He demonstrated good software practices, found many little improvements along the way, told us when he would be available to do the work, was done on time and under budget, and even made billing easy. I will be looking to bring him in to more of my projects.”
   – Tucker McClure, An Uncommon Lab (USA)
“Yair Altman is a real “Matlab Technologist”. He knows and understands Matlab from the ground up and especially specializes in advanced topics such as Java connectivity, GUI, Matlab performance and Object Oriented.”
   – Lior Cohen, Applied Materials (Israel)
“Yair and his team have assisted us with several complex projects over a number of years, both face to face and remotely. They have been thoroughly professional, efficient, flexible and easy to work with, every time. Yair himself is not only a true guru but also extremely quick and productive in hands-on problem solving. I unreservedly recommend him and his company.”
   – Eric Haber, Audio Pixels (Australia / Israel)
“Yair’s website has been an invaluable source of inspiration and technical information over the years, allowing us to develop much slicker applications in Matlab than we thought possible. I’ve hired him recently to develop a custom UI component, and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism, the respect of deadline, and of course the result.”
   – Clément Val, CEESAR – Centre Européen d’Etudes de Sécurité et d’Analyse des Risques (France)
“We hired Yair after two failed attempts with other programming firms. Yair delivered a professional application that is superior to anything else in the market, and cost us a fraction of what the other firms charged. Yair is extremely responsive, often providing fixes or improvements within hours if not days, without unnecessary paperwork or chitchat. He understands finance and trading better than any other programmer we ever met, and easily bridges the gap between user requirements and coding. His program now does in a few minutes and with higher accuracy, what would have previously taken us a full day of manual work. We strongly recommend Yair for any programming work.”
   – Mazal Bahary, Cohen Bahary Financial Consulting (Israel)
“Working with Yair is a pleasure. He understands immediately the customers needs. He works many orders of magnitude faster than what a less experienced programmer is able to. His knowledge of Matlab greatly exceeds others in depth level, and he extends Matlab based on his knowledge of other languages. He sped up [the application] from practically useless to clinically useful. He communicates with the customer fast and concisely, losing no time in useless chit-chat. If you need assistance or help with a Matlab project of any type, I would highly recommend to work with Yair. The outcome is excellent, no time is wasted, and the money is more than well spent.” (additional details)
   – Daniel Violon, MD, COMED Medical (Belgium)
“Yair is extremely knowledgeable, flexible and efficient. I thoroughly recommend Yair as a consultant for advanced MATLAB development and I am looking forward to engaging with him again.”
   – Martyn Dorey, Dorey Financial Modelling (UK)
“Octahedron (Yair and his staff) have been a tremendous asset to Flightware in two MATLAB software development projects spanning three years. This was a complex project involving hardware, hardware integration and development of software to perform many functions with a high level of reliability. Not only did Octahedron perform its tasks very well, it did so as one of three MATLAB teams working collaboratively on different tasks across ten time zones. Coordination was performed weekly over two years and Yair and company were always innovative, dedicated and cooperative, often suggesting novel and effective solutions to problems encountered. Not only that, but he is, as he himself states, truly a nice guy.”
   – David Maass, Flightware (USA)
“We had Yair design and build a custom GUI for plotting mixed datasets. Yair worked with us to design the GUI so that it was simpler and easier to use than our original concept. His knowledge of MATLAB and how to construct an intuitive user interface made this project a big success.”
   – Kenneth Boyd, Ford Motor Co. (USA)
“Excellent work, rapid turnaround. Saved us lots of time and money.”
   – Dani Schmid, GeoModelling Solutions (Switzerland)
“We brought Yair in as a consultant in the late development stage of a custom MATLAB toolbox. Yair’s proficiency in Java-MATLAB integration saved us a significant amount of time in GUI development. Yair helped us replace several graphics components with Java Swing objects with improved functionality and design. I’d recommend Yair to anyone looking for third-party help with GUI design & deployment out of the MATLAB environment.”
   – Peter Cook, Fracture & Reservoir Monitoring, Halliburton/Pinnacle (USA)
“Yair has a fantastic ability to accelerate Matlab UIs. His deep understanding of Matlab performance has enabled us to work much more efficiently and enjoyably. Cost effective and very fast turn around too. Additionally, Yair is able to see the purpose of a UI and has the experience to see where things can be improved measurably.
The program is now tremendously fast. Just awesome. This is exactly what we were hoping for. This is really making a difference in terms of how fast we can do science!” (additional details)
   – Prof. Brendan Meade, Crustal Dynamics research group, Harvard University (USA)
“Yair is on our team of contracting software developers (Matlab, specifically). Yair helped accelerate our work flow, quickly understanding what our software team asked of him; he delivered high quality code; and he demonstrated software practices found in the best coders. We are grateful that he works with us.”
   – Rudy Roy, HST Solar Farms (USA)
“Yair has been an outstanding resource for us – from speed of execution, to algorithm development, to extending MATLAB beyond its natural borders, his work is consistently thoughtful, thorough, maintainable and prompt. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.”
   – Peter Orr, Intuitive Analytics (USA)
“Yair combines a truly deep and broad knowledge of Matlab, which allow him to single-handedly manage complex projects in an effective manner. He has proved better value for money than the MathWorks consultant available out of Switzerland, and more flexible to work with. Would highly recommend.”
   – Michele Cocchiglia, Kelonia Capital Management (Switzerland/Luxembourg)
“We brought Yair in for Matlab development projects during the period 2015 to 2017. Yair was highly knowledgeable and easy to work with. He demonstrated good software development practices. I thoroughly recommend Yair as a consultant for MATLAB related projects.”
   – Sudhir Devalla, KLLC (USA)
“I had a short consultancy with Yair when he was in Italy. He answered all my questions and showed me code examples and online references to get more information online. I got numerous suggestions on how to prevent errors, improving compiled applications, using java interfaces, and many suggestions on how to improve the quality of my work. After a few questions and answers I simply said: “Yair, this is the software I’m selling, how can I improve it ?” – the audio recording is still on my desktop to this day for reference. I think that this consultancy saved me about 2 months of work, including days when the compiled application does not work properly for some arcane reason. I also appreciated very much his passion and his easy and pleasant approach.” (additional details)
   – Andrea Merlo, Merlo Bio Engineering (Italy)
“Yair has been an excellent Matlab consultant. He has delivered consistently great results, efficiently, on time, with minimal training effort. The code he produces not only works well, but the source is well-written with excellent comments. He is also able to design intuitive user interfaces, which can be very challenging for complicated software.”
   – Nathan Childress, Mobius Medical Systems (USA)
“After giving a lot of thought to our Matlab code and spending many hours under investigation, we contacted Yair, who solved our problems in a very efficient and elegant way. We highly recommend any collaboration with Yair due to his high knowledge of Matlab and his degree of understanding the customer needs.”
   – José Miguel Jáuregui, Nayxa Energy Services (Spain)
“I was referred to Yair by a trusted colleague for support with integrating a customized datafeed into MATLAB. The complexity was substantial and despite numerous attempts, MathWorks was unable to address the issue. Yair developed an efficient solution and I truly believe he is one of the most skilled MATLAB programmers in the world. I was amazed at the depth of his knowledge from my interactions with him as well as from reading his books. His capabilities have no bounds. He will solve any problem, regardless of the degree of difficulty. It was a pleasure getting to know him.”
   – Cary Munves, Pelican Capital Partners (USA)
“Yair has helped us in developing our in-house engineering program. His human qualities and contribution was greatly appreciated along with the quality of work, the quick turnaround and the understanding of our needs, I therefore warmly recommend Yair Altman for any challenge you might have with MatLab.”
   – Nicolas Marcotte, Power-Lite Industries (Canada)
“Yair is the undisputed guru for anything to do with MATLAB’s undocumented features and Java integration. He has helped me many times with seemingly intractable MATLAB GUI issues. His thorough, exhaustively researched and well written blog is must reading for anyone who needs to go beyond the basics when designing powerful, full featured MATLAB user interfaces.”
   – Matthew Whitaker, Radiological Imaging Technology (USA)
“We hired Yair to write some functions for our prop-shop. Got excellent help within 10 hours and he is eager to solve all the things you need.”
   – Johan Loefgren, StockSolid Capital Markets (Switzerland)
“We recently completed a project with Yair developing a program to help my team automate the processing, analysis and reporting of data. The project started off as a way to automate one simple but tedious task. Once we realized Yair’s mastery of MatLab, we quickly took advantage of his potential to design a custom program that now saves every member on my team ~30 minutes of non-value-added work every day. Yair was communicative and helpful, and worked with me to make suggestions and implement features that I hadn’t even thought about myself. This has been a very valuable experience for myself and my entire team.”
   – Travis Jennings, Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA)
“I worked with Yair both on development projects and tailored Matlab advanced training. On both occasions it has been a great pleasure and great experience. His knowledge of the inner workings of Matlab in general, and Matlab-Java interface is unbelievable. I feel very much enriched from this experience… wonderful!
In the complex project we carried out together, I was truly amazed by how quickly and precisely he grasped all the specifications… and how fast he delivered! I highly recommend his services.”
   – Cristiano Migliorini, Union Bancaire Privée (Switzerland)

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