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“Simply put, IQML just works. Having struggled with Matlab’s data feed toolbox and many frustrated support calls, I found the IQML product. What a night and day experience! Not only does the product allow you to easily access the entire array of IQfeed’s utility as soon as you download it, the documentation and support have been superior to the premium enterprise-level systems that I have worked with in the past. If you use his IB-Matlab product, IQML is the perfect companion. This is absolutely the gold standard for working with market data.”

– Albert Zhang, professional trader and partner, Auric Investments, USA

“Yair has been doing a fantastic job implementing the IQfeed API for Matlab, a challenging API which needed some thorough testing at the beginning (which I was part of, being one of the first clients). The product has become mature and excellent for algo development for traders who don’t mind to work in details. Many features are making IQML computationally attractive and competitive with regards to other options. Mostly, Yair support is first class and allows to digest the little subtleties of the IQfeed API. With Yair being supportive and flexible in terms of improvements, updating IQML regularly to fix bugs and implement the latest API features, I strongly recommend the use of IQML.”

– Pierre R., trading systems researcher, Australia

“IQML, a robust and seamless interface between Matlab and DTN IQFeed’s realtime financial market data, is the latest automated trading offering from Yair Altman. Yair is a leading authority on Matlab and the author of two books devoted to Matlab’s technical intricacies. His IB-Matlab software, which interfaces Matlab with Interactive Broker’s trading and data platforms, has for many years earned the number one spot among client reviewed third party software on Interactive Broker’s web site.

IQML builds upon the capacities of IB-Matlab by leveraging the more robust data feed of IQ-Feed to meet institutional level trading expectations for financial market data coverage, low latency, and easy reference. Having personally struggled with Matlab’s Datafeed Toolbox and Trading Toolbox to the point I doubted Matlab’s viability as a trading platform, I have been overjoyed to find that IB-Matlab and IQML provide the missing pieces of the puzzle. The interfaces do not require any understanding of the associated API’s and do provide intuitive and easy to understand Matlab commands and references to the Interactive Brokers and IQ-Feed platforms. In addition to rock solid code performance, both products are accompanied by robust documentation and Yair is available to personally tailor their implementation to client needs. Well done, Mr. Altman!”

– David M., proprietary trading firm, USA

Click to view the full IQML User Guide (PDF)

Click to view the IQML User Guide (PDF)

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