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1. Can IQML be used with other data-feed providers?

IQML only connects to DTN IQFeed. It can be adapted for other brokers, but some development is obviously required since other brokers have different APIs. Email us to see if we can help.

2. Does IQML impose limitations on historical data or streaming quotes?

No – IQML does not impose any limitations, but the IQFeed servers do impose limitations on the frequency of the requests (50/sec) and the types/amount of returned data. These limitations depend on your specific IQFeed subscription. For example, your IQFeed account may limit the maximum number of concurrently-streaming (“watched”) symbols, or to certain exchanges/data-types; the IQFeed trial account has some specific limits (see question #21 below), etc. These limitations are imposed by the IQFeed server on your account; IQML supports whatever entitlements your IQFeed account has; it does not limit the information in any manner.

3. Can I see a demo of IQML?

You are most welcome to download a fully-functional trial of IQML to try the product at no risk for 15 days.

4. How does IQML compare to alternative products?

We believe that of all the currently available alternatives for connecting Matlab to IQFeed, IQML provides by far the best functionality, value and cost-effectiveness. You are most welcome to test all this using IQML’s free trial IQML’s free trial. Multiple traders have reviewed IQML and claim that it is the best Matlab-to-IQFeed connector.

5. Does IQML come with an IQFeed or market subscription?

No – IQML connects to an existing IQFeed account. You will need to purchase the IQFeed and market subscriptions separately from DTN.

6. Does IQML send you any information?

No – IQML only communicates with IQFeed. The only communication that is done with IQML’s server is a verification of the license activation (a single hash-code).

7. Can I be sure that IQML does not contain bugs that will affect my trading?

The product is rigorously tested, but there is no 100% guarantee, it is always possible that there are a couple of unhandled edge-cases. However, users report that IQML is generally rock solid – a very stable and robust product. No critical bug was reported in years.

8. Is IQML being maintained? supported?

Yes, actively. Features and improvements are added on a regular basis, and we support the users personally. You can see the list of ongoing improvements in IQML’s change-log, listed in Appendix B of the IQML User Guide.

9. I saw in the online User Guide that IQML added a nice new feature – can I get it?

Once you install IQML, you will be notified in the Matlab console (Command Window) whenever a new version is available. You can always update your installation to the latest version, directly from the Matlab console, as follows:

>> IQML('update')
Downloading the latest IQML version from into C:\IQML\...
Download complete - installing...
Installation of the latest IQML version is now complete.
Please restart Matlab for the new version to take effect.

In addition, you can always download the latest version of IQML at any time from

10. What happens when the license term is over?

A short time before your license term is over, you will start to see a notification message in your Matlab console (Command Window) alerting you about this:

*** Your IQML license will expire in 3 days (10-Mar-2018). 
*** To extend your license please email

This message will only appear during the initial connection to IQFeed, so it will not affect your regular trading session. When the license term is over, IQML will stop working. You can always renew or extend your license using the payment links on If you wish to be independent of such annual renewals, you can purchase a discounted multi-year license (see related question #15 below).

11. Can I transfer my IQML license to another computer?

Yes, simply email us and we will make the activation switch for you. At any one time, each IQML license will only be activated on a single computer, unless you purchase a site license. Annual licenses include up to 3 activations per year at no extra cost; additional re-activations will incur a handling fee.

12. I have a laptop and desktop – can I use IQML on both?

Yes, but you will need to purchase two separate IQML licenses. IQML’s license is tied to a specific computer, unless you purchase a site license.

13. Can IQML be compiled and deployed?

Yes, IQML can be compiled using the Matlab Compiler. Each computer running a compiled IQML requires an IQML license (just like a non-compiled IQML that runs in Matlab), unless you get a group license (Site, Deployment, or Development). In other words, for your deployed computers you have a choice of either buying individual licenses (separately for each deployed computer), or a group license which does not require dedicated license activations. If you wish to deploy IQML on a large scale, to multiple end-user computers, contact us to discuss OEM or other alternatives.

14. Is IQML provided in source-code format?

IQML is provided in encrypted binary form, like any other commercial software. A source-code license is available for purchase, subject to signing a separate non-disclosure (NDA) agreement. The source-code version has no license fees and is not tied to any specific computer – you can install it on as many computers as you wish within your organization. Contact us for details. Also see related question #15 below.

15. Do you provide an escrow service for IQML’s source-code? Is the source code for sale?

Yes. There are two optional levels of escrow service that you can select:

  1. At safe-keeping with a Wall-Street lawyer
  2. Using NCC Group‘s independent escrow service

Escrow services incur a non-negligible annual usage fee, but you may decide that it may be worth this optional extra expense to ensure your business continuity.

Alternatively, a source-code license is available for purchase, subject to a separate non-disclosure (NDA) agreement. See related question #14 above.

Alternatively, purchasing a multi-year license will ensure independence of license renewals, and a site license will avoid external activation checks during the license duration.

These optional alternatives provide different levels of business continuity. Contact us for details about any of them.

16. Is feature ABC available in IQML?

IQML supports the entire IQFeed API. This means that all the functionality that IQFeed exposes in its API, is available in IQML using an easy-to-use Matlab wrapper function. In addition to parametric queries, users can send IQFeed custom API commands and then processing the raw incoming IQFeed response. To check whether a specific feature is available in the IQFeed API (and by extension, in IQML), please refer to IQML’s online User Guide, IQFeed’s online reference, or contact IQFeed customer service.

17. Can you add feature ABC into IQML for me?

We will be happy to do so, for a reasonable development fee that will be agreed with you in advance. After the development, this feature will be available to all others who purchase (or update) the latest version of IQML, at no extra cost. Contact us by email if you have such a request, to get a proposed quote.

18. Can you develop a trading strategy for me?

We will be happy to do so, for a reasonable development fee that will be agreed with you in advance. Unlike development of IQML features, strategy development will never be disclosed to others, and will not be integrated in IQML. It will be developed privately for you, and will be kept secret. Contact us by email if you have such a request, to get a proposed quote.

19. Does IQML include back-testing? charting? data analysis? an algo-trading engine?

No. IQML is only used for communication with the IQFeed server (retrieving data from IQFeed servers) – it does not include any data analysis, charting or back-testing functionalities. Matlab is great at data analysis and visualization, so you can easily develop your own analysis programs in Matlab, using the data from IQML. We have extensive experience in developing complete backtesting and real-time trading applications (some examples). We will be happy to either develop a new application based on your specifications, or to integrate IQML into an existing application, under a separate consulting contract.

20. Is IQML supported on my platform?

IQML works perfectly wherever you can run the IQFeed client (“IQConnect”) application. No special Matlab toolboxes are required – only the base Matlab and the IQML software.

21. Does IQML work with IQFeed’s trial account?

Yes. Just note that IQFeed imposes limitations on its trial account. For example, IQFeed’s trial only provides 1 year of historical daily data, even if you request more data. It is important to note that IQML is entirely agnostic to the type of IQFeed account: if your IQFeed account is licensed for certain data, then IQML will be able to fetch this entire data (see related question #2 above).

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