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Color selection components

A couple of weeks ago, a reader of this website requested an article about color-selection components. So Ed – this one’s for you Matlab includes a fully-documented uisetcolor function to enable color selection. uisetcolor uses a modal dialog window for this. To integrate this color-selection dialog in our GUI, simply add a uicontrol button or a menu item that call uisetcolor in their callback function. An example of such an integr… Continue reading

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Customizing uitree nodes – part 2

In my previous posts I have shown how Matlab’s semi-documented uitree and uitreenode functions can be used to display hierarchical (tree) control in Matlab GUI. Today I conclude this mini-series by answering a reader’s request to show how checkboxes, radio buttons and other similar controls can be attached to tree nodes. There are actually several ways this can be done: Matlab icon control The simplest is to create two icons (checked… Continue reading

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GUI automation using a Robot

I would like to welcome guest writer Takeshi (Kesh) Ikuma. Kesh has posted several interesting utilities on the Matlab File Exchange, including the award-winning Enhanced Input Dialog Box. Today, Kesh will describe how we can automate GUI actions programmatically. Automating GUI actions, including controlling a mouse and keyboard programmatically, is often useful. This can be used, for example, to demonstrate GUI usage or to perform a recorded… Continue reading

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Date selection components

Have you ever wondered why Matlab does not have standard GUI date-handling components? Matlab has many built-in date-handling functions (calendar, date, datestr, datenum, datetick, datevec etc.). Unfortunately, this built-in support does not extend to Matlab GUI. If we need a date-selection drop-down or calendar panel we have to design it ourselves, or use a third-party Java component or ActiveX control. JIDE Components Luckily, we have a much… Continue reading

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Advanced Matlab seminars – London, 10-14 March 2014

Advanced Matlab training courses/seminars will be held in London, March 10-14, 2014. Two separate courses will be held: Advanced Matlab Programming – 2 days (March 10-11), including best practices, preparing professional reports, writing professional code and performance tuning. US$1199 Advanced Matlab Visualization & GUI – 3 days (March 12-14), including advanced visualization and GUI techniques. US$1799 Enroll to both courses… Continue reading

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Uitable sorting

uitable is probably the most complex basic GUI controls available in Matlab. It displays data in a table within a figure, with settable properties as with any other Matlab Handle-Graphics (HG) control. After many years in which the uitable was available but semi-documented and not officially supported in Matlab, it finally became fully documented and supported in R2008a (aka Matlab 7.6). At that time its internal implementation has changed from… Continue reading

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Animated busy (spinning) icon

Matlab includes a wide variety of internal widgets (GUI components) that could be very useful in our GUIs. One such widget is an animated spinning icon, which is often used by Matlab itself and numerous toolboxes to illustrate a running task: Sample usage of an animated spinning icon One of the internal widgets that are readily-available for use in our Matlab GUI and displays a similar (but not identical) spinning icon is BusyAffordance, which i… Continue reading

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Uicontrol callbacks

…either directly or because its container was resized. ComponentShownCallback – fired when the component is displayed (setVisible(true)). Compare: ComponentHiddenCallback FocusGainedCallback – fired when the component gains GUI focus, by mouse click, Tab click, or calling the component’s requestFocus() method. FocusLostCallback – fired when the component loses focus to another component or window. Compare: FocusGainedCallback Hierarchy… Continue reading

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Adding a context-menu to a uitree

…ssible to add uicontextmenus to uitree.
Your post saved my time.
Thanks a lot Scott Koch If you have access to the figure handle (stored as User Data for instance) you could also use the click event coordinates to display a GUIDE created context menu:

if eventData.isMetaDown
fh = get(hTree,'UserData');%Get figure handle
cm = findobj(fh,'tag','mycontextmenu');%Get context menu handle.
tpos = get(hTree,'Pixel... Continue reading

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Setting status-bar components

I last week’s post, Setting status-bar text, I showed how to set the status-bar text in Matlab figures and the main desktop. But Matlab status-bars are Java containers in which we can add GUI controls, not just simple text labels. In this post I will show how to do this for Matlab 7 figures. Let’s return to the two alternatives I’ve presented in my previous post for setting a Matlab 7 figure status-bar text: % Alternative #1 (… Continue reading

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