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MathWorks-solicited Java survey

MathWorks is soliciting user feedbacks about the use of Java components in Matlab programs.

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I am hiring experienced Matlab programmers (Tel Aviv)

I am hiring a Matlab programmer in Tel Aviv

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Additional license data

Additional meta-data about installed toolboxes can be retrieved in Matlab.

Categories: High risk of breaking in future versions, Stock Matlab function, Undocumented feature, Undocumented function

Parsing XML strings

Matlab’s xmlread function cannot process XML data directly, but this can easily be overcome.

Categories: Low risk of breaking in future versions, Semi-documented feature, Stock Matlab function
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Quirks with parfor vs. for

Parallelizing loops with Matlab’s parfor might generate unexpected results. Users beware!

Categories: Guest bloggers, Medium risk of breaking in future versions, Memory, Stock Matlab function, Undocumented feature
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